The importance of good handling of room availability

The handling of a hotel's inventory can be a headache due to the several sources from which you can receive reservations:

  • Hotel website
  • Traditional Methods: Telephone, email
  • Virtual travel agencies (OTA: Online Travel Agencies)
  • Other travel agencies
  • Walk-in (guest that enter through the door)

If your inventory is centralized, you may have problems because overbooking can occur: Two guests can reserve the same room at the same time and this problem can even become worse with the electronic media such as your webpage, the OTA's as they are working 24 hours a day.

Paxer manages all your availabilities

With Paxer you will have the handling of availabilities centralized in just one place. When a reservation is made in a traditional way, ‘the availability is automatically updated and the specific room can not be reserved through your webpage and viceversa. If in addition, you hire the service of Channel Manager, the control is complete because the availabilities are managed in an automatic and central way. Any reservation through any channel, takes out the availabilities of the other channels.

Paxer allows you to know how many rooms you want to provide for the reservation manually entered and locally and how many you want to provide through Internet (hotel website and OTA's).

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