If you cannot confirm the reservations online you are losing clients

Guests make reservation through Internet

Nowadays, more than a third of the travellers make their hotel reservations through Internet. You gotta be there! But... Is it enough to have a web page? It is a first step, but if your potential clients have to fill out a form so that you answer them later, it won't allow him or her to review the availability and make the reservation at once. You are letting the client escape. It is just like when in a store a client says "I will come back later". He might be back but he might not!

Don't let your potential client escape

When a client is already decided, take his reservation and allow him to pay at once. He won't be looking any further, he won't go to your competitors.

Allow the guest to know your availability

Paxer allows you to manage your availability in real time so the guest can see when there is and when there isn't availability. Thus, if the guest can change dates, he or she will do it, and you won't waste your time answering that you don't have availability.

Receives the reservation

When the guest selects the dates, the system shows the different plans that you have available (with breakfast, only lodging...) so he or she can select one and calculate the exact price, depending on the quantity of guests (if applicable), the season and of the "extras". Once the guest agrees, the system invites him or her to pay by credit card or else to make a transfer to your bank account according to your policies.

Paxer works for you day and night every day of the year

All of this happens automatically, 365 days, 24 hours. Once the reservation is confirmed by the system, the guest receives a confirmation mail with the voucher that he or she must show at the entrance. All of this without you having to do anything.

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