Know the hotel sales channels

Besides the sales that you make by telephone or email (typically returning clients), nowadays there are several sales channels:

  • Website or hotel's webpage
  • TripAdvisor
  • OTA's

The website of the hotel is, without any doubt, the most convenient. It is active 24 hours a day. You don't have to pay sales commissions. The input of information, and frequently the payment, is done by the client itself. Unfortunately many hotels don't receive many visits on their websites and if they receive them, they do not manage to convert them into sales because they do not have a booking engine or because they don't have the appropriate usability. Did you know that many clients go to the travel portals such as or Expedia and then they search for the hotel in Google to book directly? These are the opportunities that can not be lost and on which Paxer will help you capitalize.

TripAdvisor, has two main programs: TripConnect, a pay per click where you pay when a visitor clicks to visit your website and Instant Booking that allows the customer to book directly in TripAdvisor for a 12% or 15% commission. Both options are available with Paxer, at no extra cost (more information here).

OTA's, like, Expedia,, Venere are other very important sales channels because they have a captive public that use them to search and book hotels. Unless your occupancy is almost total through these other channels, this is a channel which should not be ignored. The only inconvenience of the OTA’s is that they charge a commission that could be high. Still it is better to have a percentage of something than a 100% of nothing.

With Paxer you can get the most out of your best channel with the Booking Engine, sell through TripAdvisor and manage in a simple and synchronized way the travel portals with the Channel Manager

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